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The HD Injector APK is developed by Hide Official, you can use this App to get free Latest Skins and Can Unlock all the Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game.
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HiDe Official
07 October 2022
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If you are the Game lover of Mobile Legends Bang Bang then HD Injector ML is best for you. Skins play a vital role in the gaming world without skins having a car without an engine. HD Injector ML APK is the best application that can give you free skins and cheats in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The App also gives you free costumes in your favorite game MLBB and adds more features on it free of cost no need to pay for the App.

As we know that Mobile Legends Bang Bang has been updated and the new version has new features. And to apply the cheats in MLBB, old applications are not working properly. The applications which used to inject all the cheats in the game are not up to date or not programmed for the latest Mobile Legend Bang Bang Version. For that purpose, we have an application called “HD Injector” which is basically made for injecting cheats and other features, which can give you total control over the game. How does that sound?

Not just cheats, but you can also unlock all the premier skins on MBLL without spending any money on it. we know you don’t like spending much money. Another great feature is having background or lobby of your choice, it has approximately twenty-four skins in it. you can choose anyone to use.

About Hide Injector ML APK

In Addition, HD Injector ML APK provides you all the latest skins of 2020 and adds new costumes on it. The Application is best for the lovers of skins in the Mobile Legends Game to add some extra skins. By using this great application can be able to unlock all the premium skins and Cheats on the Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Moreover, the injector is created by Famous ML Gamer Hide Official. HD Injector ML APK is made actually to provide its users to unlock all skins for free using the Injector Application. Injector APK, you will get Latest Skins with Unlock all Heroes. So don’t miss the chance to get your favorite skins and hero. Download HD Injector APK now and enjoy your Mobile legends Game.

The main aim of the application is to provide the gamers of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, perfect injecting applications that they can use to inject cheat or other features to their game and their gaming on next level. Isn’t that great? So, to all the gamers of MLBB, we know about the new update of Mobile Legends BB and we also know that the old injecting applications you are using aren’t quite working on it. so don’t wait and download application.

Features of The HD Injector ML APK

  • Get all the premium features in free by Using HD Injector.
  • All the latest skins of 2020 are added to the App.
  • Access background in lobby free of cost in next version.
  • Revamp new skin is added in the latest version.
  • Increase ranking in your Game.
  • Free for All Android Phones.

Latest Updated Features 2022

1) Injecting Invincible Cheats:

As we have mentioned, that application has set of unique cheats that every Mobile Legends BB gamer requires. Now we have another updated version of MLBB, which requires more efficiency to inject the cheats. Older injecting tools have already given up on that and not working properly but Injector ML application does injecting like it is an easiest thing to do in the world.

2) Rank Booster:

Now we know that how much ranks are important in Mobile Legends Bang bang, it is difficult to raise your rank just by playing straight. APK boosts ranks of the gamer in no time. with the help of cheats, you can have command on your skill that will boost your rank on a next level.

3) Drone View:

Another feature which is appreciated by almost every MLBB gamer is drone view. Drone view offers full control over enemies in battlefield. You can have a big picture of the map, which you can increase or decrease by your choice. Isn’t that great? Plus, it has 5 drone options till now.

4) New Skins:

Along with unlocking the premium skins that you have to buy, HD Injector ML APK also offers new skins. We know how much Skins are important in our games and the role the play.

5) Free & Fix Bugs:

Application is totally free. Not even a single penny will be charged. Main focus is to give best service to its users. It also fixes previous bugs in the games that causes by some other applications. And last but not the least, it is Safe to use. So just focus on game.


At last, HD Injector ML APK is the best Application that can unlock all the latest premium skins free. Download to inject any of your favorite heroes. The App also offers you to get diamonds and other cheats. Application provides free cheats for MLBB, not just cheats but other features like Custom Background, Skins, Drone view etc. so don’t wait just download and get all the benefits from it.

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